Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 ways to save money on your mobile phone bill

Today I would like to mention saving money on your mobile phone bill by using the following few tips:

1. Use it less! 

So I realise that this is extremely obvious, but it's astounding the number of people who don't take this into consideration when looking for ways to save money. The easiest way to spend less on your mobile phone bill is to simply avoid using it as often. Now I realise that mobile phones are a fantastic device, and extremely important in most day to day life, but do you really need to send that simple 1 worded text that only says "ok"? Do you really need to vote for your favourite singer on american idol? Do you really need to get your daily horoscopes texted to you? These are the sorts of things I am talking about.

Instead of having a texting conversation with your friend, why not use something like skype, or MSN? It's cheaper and it's easier. If your friends are trying to start a conversation with you, give them a short answer to their question, and say something along the lines of "I can't really talk at the moment, it's very busy at work/university/wherever you are. How about we have a conversation on skype tonight?". I can guarantee you will save a fortune on your monthly bills if you do this.

2. Take advantage of what you have!

Everyone seems to brag about the features of their phone plan, but many people don't use it to it's full potential. If you have an hour a day where you get half price calls, make all your phone calls in that hour. If you get 50 free texts, use all 50, and try not to use more than that. It really is very simple, and you will save money!

3. Shop around for a better deal!

This money saving tip is extremely obvious. Always keep an eye out for a better deal. If it makes sense, change to the better deal to save money. Also, be mindful of any expenses you have to pay to break the contract, and calculate whether or not it's worth changing over if you have to pay the fee. In the long run, it may be cheaper to bite the bullet, pay the fee, and move on!

Hopefully these tips are helpful, they will certainly save you some money!

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