Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming back to life!

Hello to all my viewers!

It's been a while since my last post, since I've gone back to studying and have been incredibly busy, as well as having to deal with some issues in my life, so I would like to apologise for that.

I intend to begin writing regularly on this blog again, in an attempt to both expand the blog, as well as provide some great information to you readers out there! I intend to set myself reasonable goals to try and get myself back into the habit of writing new content regularly, and passing on my experience with saving money.

Today, I would like to talk about exercise.

It seems that in recent years, the "gym mentality" has really become quite popular. I don't know why this has come about, but in the past, if you wanted to get fit, you didn't need to do it in an environment where you had people watching you, and where you had to pay for a membership. What ever happened to the old days of hard work, and regular exercise in simple forms?

As a student, I am very pressured by my peers to join a gym and "improve my body". It seems to be the most popular thing to do at the moment. However, gym memberships are very costly. I began to research other options, and there are absolutely abundant resources providing details for the correct exercises, instructional videos, and extremely cheap alternatives to a gym membership. All it requires is a little bit of self motivation, and the exact same results can be achieved.

I encourage you all to do some research and consider your options, before purchasing a gym membership.

I will give you an example. My father is a pilot, ex airforce. Throughout his entire life (both for his work, and his own personal pleasure), he has been remarkably fit (even now as a man in his 50s he could still outrun most 20 year olds). He has always been a strong, fit man, and only in the last few years has purchased an exercise machine. Prior to that, all his exercise came from running, and basic home exercises, as well as his own home renovations. Between the exercise machine (which he rarely uses!), renovation projects, and his jogging, he has remained extremely fit, and spent very little money.

This is the sort of lifestyle which I encourage. Saving money, and saving your body. With enough research, planning, and self motivation, you can achieve anything you want to, and I wish more people would believe this about themselves. It has taken me a long time, and much self doubt, to come to this realisation, and I can only wish for others to believe the same.

So in summary, thanks to all my viewers, and sorry that I haven't been posting more regularly.  I will start posting frequently, and continuing to expand this site, and all I ask is that you tell other people about me, pass on the URL, spread the word.

As usual, feel free to comment! I will reply to all comments, and I would love to hear some suggestions from all of you for money saving tips.

Happy saving!

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