Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy Way to Save Money- The Everyday Dollar Jar

Today I have decided to mention an old concept, very similar to the piggy bank. Every day, when you come home from work, or university, put left over change from the day into a jar. Ideally, you should put in around a dollar a day (although more is great!). If you get into the habit of doing this, even just putting in $1 a day is enough for you to buy yourself something pretty substantial at the end of the year. $365 has come your way without really cutting in on your other spending. If you save a couple of dollars a day, the results could be amazing. This could basically for the years Christmas present, allowing you to feel free from the stress of finding money for Christmas.

The way we used to do it when I was a child, was that whenever there was spare change left over, it would be placed in a jar in a cupboard in the kitchen. Once every week or so we were allowed to take a couple of dollars from the jar to spend at the school canteen. This is a great way of keeping your kids happy in terms of them wanting to purchase items from the canteen.

Whenever we cleaned out the car, any loose coins found also went into the jar, so naturally the amount of money in the jar quickly accumulates.

Obviously there are a few variations on this idea including a few which are dedicated to helping pay off chunks of the mortgage, but I will allow you to develop your own tricks to help you save money this way.

Happy saving!

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