Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save Money on Take-Away Food

Everyone has nights where they come home after work or university and are so exhausted that they do not want to cook. Usually this turns into getting take away food, which can be quiet an expensive exercise.

My recommendations to save money but still enjoy take-away food are:

1. Rather than completely removing take away foods from the equation (which is entirely pheasible, but not entirely deseriable), you should consider arranging the days you get take away food so that they coincide with cheap specials, allowing you to save. For example, the local pizza take-away store near where I live has a day where the pizzas are around $4 cheaper each. If you have to feed a family of 4, this is going to be a saving of $16 or more.

2. Avoid getting extras that are not necessary. For example, why pay for a bottle of soft drink when you have soft drink at home? I have seen people fall into this trap countless times. They think that because they get extras, they are getting a better deal. Obviously soft drink is not the only extra I suggest you stay away from, and if you like a bottle of soft drink, go ahead and get it, but is that desert that is included for only a few dollars extra really needed? I challenge you to make logical decisions to allow you to save money every time.

3. If feeding a family, rather than organising 4 (or however many) meals separately, order a family pack, and add extra food only if required. These are considerably cheaper. For example, when I was growing up, when we got take away it was a red rooster family pack with an extra family fries. The extra family fries was required because for a family of 5, there simply were not enough fries for everyone. We payed something like $32 for this meal, but when you consider the cost of ordering separately, if everyone gets a meal worth $10 (around the average price) then we would have been paying $50 plus. The moral of this story is that you should consider how many people you are feeding, and always look to get the better deal.

If you follow these steps, you can still have that enjoyable occasional take-out meal, without blowing the budget. These tips will allow you to save money easily, and still allow you to have your occasional treat.

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